Jun 04 2011
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I need some serious signing-in help!

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Ok so here is the story...

I got a launch PS3 60gb that just received the Yellow Light of Death problem. While that is a pain in the butt, I can overlook that, as I was saving up for a Slim anyways. However, seeing as how I cannot get on to copy down all of my personal information, I am losing my mind.

My father also has a PS3, but a Slim version. So I thought to myself, "Why not just use my existing account on that Slim?" Problem solved right? Wrong.

When it asked me for my account email address and password, I hit a brick wall. You see, I could have any one of three/four email addresses from the past five years of playing. I just kept on getting a new email, and I would change it. The same with passwords. I would change my passwords every so often. So I have multiple possibilites.

So today I clicked on "Forgot Password?" and requested an email be sent to (one of) my email addresses. I stil haven't gotten it.

I need some serious help. While I'm trying to get my old system working to copy the info, what can I possibly due to get my account that I use all the time onto this PS3 Slim?

*** By the way, I forgot to include that the reason I don't remember which email/password combination I used is because I have it as auto sign-in, and I didn't bother copying it down or looking at it everyday.

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