Dec 31 2011
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I need help!!! Can't connect to games!

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I've had it. I've jumped through every hoop in the book. Port forwarding, placing my ps3 in my router's DMZ, using the universal and google DNS address, setting my ps3 network manually to attempt to take advantage of these things, temporarily disabling my firewall all together. NOTHING WORKS! I can play the occasional game of Black Ops with a fair amount of lag, but Need for Speed Hot Pursuit just hangs and I get disconnected from every server in Gran Turismo 5. I've had to learn so much just to get what I have working and I don't think videogames should be reserved for IT professionals. Please tell me there is an easy fix I've managed to overlook or point me in the right direction. By the way I connect to Playstation Network fine and no longer have an issue getting disconnected from it (to my knowlege). It's only the act of connecting to a host to actually play a game which never executes (excepting Black Ops).

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