Jul 12 2011
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I need a solution!

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I purchased a Killzone 3 dlc which includes all the dlc map packs for $9.99 (That includes Retro MP, Steel Rain MP, and From the Ashes MP)

By that time I already had Steel Rain because it was free for PS+ members (and I had PS+ because of the "Welcome Back" program)

I think it was 1 week ago when I couldn't play a match because I was missing Steel Rain. I understand that any free content that was downloaded as a ps plus subscriber will expire with the 30 day free trial but I purchased all those map packs and it should've not been missing.

When I went to my download list the steel rain was gone, so I couldn't redownload it. (Steel rain itself costs $4.99) but in the killzone forums they came up with solutions.

Now I'm gonna mention a word that would probably mean "Reject".....


I got a response by one of the GG (Guerrilla Games) members and he is willing to help me, as he is helping others

but in this issue he told me to talk to Customers Services support.

I really hope I can find a solution to this problem, which would've not been happening if it wasn't by a software bug.

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Re: I need a solution!

Jul 15, 2011

Content that you purchase with wallet funds is tracked separately in the Playstation Store from content that you receive free via Plus.  Content is not generally installed twice however. You may need to download and install the Killzone 3 map pack bundle again in order to get a license file for the Steel Rain map pack that is still valid.  You won't be able to download the Steel Rain map pack individually anymore because that was a Plus premium, but you still have it as part of the map pack bundle.  You shouldn't need customer support to resolve this, at least not normally.

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