Jun 04 2011
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I lost a ticket (and YES I checked on SCEA Promotion Status)

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I have lost a ticket. I chose Super Stardust HD from the list with ”Get Now” but it didn’t give me a download prompt.
I went back to check on my SCEA Promotion status and it says I have only 1 ticket left. Now, I went back to the store to download Super Stardust manually, but it only gives me the BUY NOW option instead of download. My ticket is spent while it did not register that I had chosen SSHD. It also DOES NOT APPEAR in my download list. Free Game 1 does also not appear anymore.

You know, usually there is supposed to be an icon, a bag, for purchased content so you can download them any time from the store. This time, even though I redeemed SSHD, it does NOT show the icon and it prompt me to a payment screen with BUY NOW. It does not have the icon in the welcome back games list nor in the regular store sections.

This is NOT a case of a dissapearing ”Free Game 1/2” menu screen. I actually lost a ticket…And please don’t spam that SCEA Promotion thingy because that is not the solution as described above. I actually lost a ticket without it registering anything. It does show that I have claimed a free promotional game in transaction list. The only think I can conclude from this is, is that PSN does not recognize me as having purchased SSHD already.

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