Aug 01 2013
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I have a strict NAT, how can I make it open? Portfowarding didn't work.

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I just want an open NAT so I can play some Co Op games with my friends. NAT is soo annoying.......ugggh, who created such a monstrosity. Anyway. I'm not a cpu expert to the slightest bit. I've tried this portwarding crap with my router and psn, but it did zilch.  


People tell me going to wired will fix it but I cant. My PS3 is upstairs and my router is downstairs and diagnol. I can't use my PS3 on the TV nearest to the modem b/c my family uses it 24/7.


I heard of that removing my firewall or something like that will fix the problem too. But I have ZERO clue on what that is. But, it sounds to me as if it requires making my router unprotected with no password. I don't want to have to do that, I live very close to my neighbors as the homes are connected. But how do I take down this firewall? and if I want to put it back, can I easily?


What are my solutions :/

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