Jan 22 2014
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I got robbed and then I got banned

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While I was away for winter break my primary playstation account was hacked and my credit card info was stolen. $150 were spent on the Playstation Store. My bank caught the transactions and reversed all recent payments on Playstation Network. This included a $17.29 charge for 3 months of PS Plus that I got on my PS3 in October to try out the service before PS4 came out. On January 2nd I called Sony customer survice to resolve the problem. They told me there was nothing they could do until the bank reversed the fraud charge and Sony registered it as a payment. By this time I had already purchased another full year subscription on PS4 and activated my $10 coupon on that account, so I asked if they could just remove the 3 month subscription. No, it's too complicated. Can I pay the price by phone? No, I have to call the bank. On 01/03/2014 my bank let me know that the payment was reversed and I called Sony to ask when my account would by unblocked. They told me 5 - 10 days, thats not so bad. 11 days later my account is still blocked, so I called again. "Wait a few more days and it should be acivated" I was told. Tomorrow it will be 20 days since the dispute was resolved by the bank but still my account is suspended. Again, I called this morning to find out WHY my acoount is still not active. This time I was told it could take way more than a few weeks. That made me angry. Not because I'v e been a loyal customer for over 15 years, not even because this account is over 7 years old, but because I was robbed on their network and now I am being forced to wait for a small $17.29 fee that could have easily been resolved in seconds. Not only that but they lied to me more than once. I asked if I can get a refund on the $60 unusable dollars on the account and just completly delete the account from their network but guess what? I can't do that until the $17.29 is in registered as being paid.


I am really disappointed in the way they have treated me as a customer and I am making this post to let others now that if you get robbed by a thief on Playstation Network it is easier to get your money back from the thief than from Sony.

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Re: I got robbed and then I got banned

Jan 22, 2014

do you have an origin account and were the transactions FIFA purchases?

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