Apr 16 2013
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I got issues with using 2 PS3's on one router, HELP!!

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I have read some forums talking about this on here, but still have some questions. Me and my roommate have a PS3 and like to play BO2. We are both hardwired to a local cable companies router. We can play on our own just fine with some lag and an open NAT type, and can join each other without issues and play a private match. But when we try to play with each other in a party online with other people it will just search and search and search, and one of our NAT types will drop to moderate/strict. We can play in parties when other people are hosting but neither of us can. When we go our own ways we can find matches just fine, but never together. What is the issue here, what do we have to do? 


I have read some things saying that you have to change the UPnP and add a static IP and such, I am not sure what this all means honestly, all of our settings are default to my knowledge.

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Re: 2 PS3 issues on one router?

Apr 16, 2013

     Hello Flapjack,


     I made a guide to help out on these sorts of issues.  Also you can go to the PlayStation Knowledge Center.  Hope this helps.  Links below.




PlayStation Knowledge Center

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