Feb 09 2013
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I feel sorry for your neglect about users that still can't add funds to their wallets

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Sony. What's happening to your Network? Since December 2012, I still can't add funds to my wallet. I used to spend 50 bucks per month on PSN but you insist into not accepting my money. I've tried 3 different credit cards and your stupid system keep telling me that my entries are not correct and another bull**bleep**s. I'm not worried about my credit card because it is happening all over the world with hundreds of users that want to gave their money to you but, you insist to refusing it. Why is that? Are you too rich? PSN users are not an important share to you? I am really considering to buy a XBox 360 to use Live to spend my money. It's pretty much likely that you won't even read this text but it's here, to another users knows that you are actually digging your own grave acting like this. Solve this stupid problem Sony, for your own good.

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