Jan 30 2013
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I feel like I was wronged

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I have had a PlayStation 3 since it first came out. Also been online 4 years. I've bought numerous games online and off.I have been so impressed by Sony that I even went out and bought the Sony Google TV. I own all Sony products, PC's, Tv's.. So when I was banned on PlayStation network it was a shock needless to say. I'm never inappropriate or messing around on the network so i was also very confused. I called and found out that a credit card charge didn't go through. Come to find out it originated from my uncles card number he let me use after my father's death.He bought me a 500$ plane ticket to the funeral. Once there he was intoxicated but he gave me his card and told me to use it for whatever I needed or wanted. Knowing he was intoxicated I bought my own ticket home. Then once home I bought a few games on the network. Another few months go by then I'm banned! My uncle wouldn't pay up because his girlfriend didn't like what I bought. Telling support at PlayStation network the whole deal they understood and said I could pay them back the money that was owed. I wasn't ready to pay this money back so it's going to be a few weeks before I can get it payed.Now I find out that there is no way to transfer my GT5 data to a temporary PlayStation ID. I have bought and payed for this game and I am going to pay the other debt I owe the PlayStation network. Is there any way that they could help me with this? I haven't delt with them much before this but I read online that they could help with this if they wanted. I again only want to play this game on a temporary PlayStation ID.My other games can wait till my other one is payed up and back on.thanks to anyone who can let me know what can be done if anything.
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Re: I feel like I was wronged

Jan 31, 2013

Welcome to the PlayStation Community.


I have sympathy for your situation.


I have to be honest & say that I don't think there's much that can be done, you are of course free to create another PSN ID & play GT5 using it, but your current saved data for your game cannot be transferred to it.


What kind of ban/suspension do you have?




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Re: I feel like I was wronged

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Feb 5, 2013

why have sympathy he bought something with someone elses money, took advantage of them when they were drunk and is now playing the poor me card. thats theft. hes making himself out to be the victim when we all know he isnt. he deserved the ban. straight up. any topic that begins with "i have been a sony customer since.... yeah you know its a whiner.

he messed up, pay the consequence. they play the victim always, dont believe a word he says,

you gotta do some bad stuff to get banned

Equality for all
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Re: I feel like I was wronged

Feb 5, 2013

Welcome to the PlayStation Community.


Rules are rules, and are set forth in the terms of service.


Whether or not your Uncle was sincere about his offer at the time, regardless of his state, it remains that if at anytime charges are disputed and revoked, Sony is within it's rights to revoke purchased content.


As well; if the revocation was deemed an act of theft, whether intentional or not, then Sony has the right to suspend or ban the account on which the charges were made.


It is simple consumer fraud protection, and can be found in the terms of service everyone so often likes to press "yes" though, in their hurry to get to the game.  Legal Terms are carefully thought out, binding agreements between users of products and the providers.  By agreeing to them, you are agreeing to any ramifications and resulting course that the provider sees fit to levy upon you.


It sounds misfortunate, but it is simple law.  Sorry to say, you may never get that content back.  Even if your Uncle were to submit an approval, that train has already left the station.  I do not believe anyone will have the ability to reverse the decision.


Sorry, to break it to you this way, but it is the nature of things.  My condolences for your Father.



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