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Dec 13 2011
By: moe2death09 First Son 1 posts

I don't understand why all my credit cards i use are invalid

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I've had a ps3 for about 4 years and i have always wanted to purchase games in the playstationstore but for whatever reason every time i try and add money to my account no matter what card i use and i know for a fact that they are valid credit cards because i use them to purchase other things and it works fine but for the playsationstore it always tells me  "credit card information is not valid please check your entries carefully" i know something has to be wrong cause i just recently opened up a new card and it still tells me the same crap... can someone please give me some help if they've ever came across this as well it's a VISA card btw

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Re: I don't understand why all my credit cards i use are invalid

Dec 13, 2011

Make sure you are entering your billing address information exactly as it appears on your credit card statement.

If you live in an apartment, try putting your entire address on the first line (don't use the second line).

Other than that? Buy a PSN card.

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