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Re: I can't manage my PlayStation Network Account

Nov 15, 2011

I'm having the exact same problem and when I called support, the agent was blitzed. No joke, this guy was high as a kite. He kept forgetting what we were talking about in mid-sentence and nothing was accomplished. I was in disbelief. qriocity does not work. My credit card works everywhere in the universe EXCEPT for qriocity. I didn't even know that qriocity was managing PSN account info until today. I have never been known to get mad at service providers because I myself work in a high level support role for another company (I usually understand what they are dealing with when changing support models or making large changes to account managment). This is absolutely unacceptable though. Sony can't possibly be too busy to notify it's users about this problem, let alone address it. Its not even something they are authorized to talk about over the phone. You can probe the for the information, and they have a scripted answer ready for you on standby.

Not that the entire world is ending because I can't add my credit card info to PSN, but it's the principle of the thing. I am detecting complete indifference from Sony when it comes to my business with them. Not a very effective business strategy.


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