Mar 05 2013
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I Keep Getting Logged Out!

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Okay. I know that there was server maintenance today. That's a given. But I can log into my Playstation Network fine and even view and change my settings in my account. Hence, the maintenence must be over by now. So why is it that when I log in on DCUO does it log me out again? There was another post that mentioned something like this as well. I have changed my password so I know that's not it. I can log into DCUO and have seen other players, so that can't be it? Now unless someone tells me what the hell's going on, I'll just call it quits and say "**bleep**" PSN! Seriously this is **bleep**!

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Re: I Keep Getting Logged Out!

Mar 7, 2013

its your connection are you connected wirelessly or are you hardwired? 


If your wireless try reconfiguring your internet setting on the ps3 first turn off  the MEDIA SERVER option then reconfigure setting if that doesnt work power cycle your modem and router if you have one and try it then.


any other info you need can be found at


best of luck

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