Oct 25 2012
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Huge Dilemma- Lost an Old PSN account

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Well just wondering if anyone had any advice like an admin or somethin.


I used to use another PSN account besides this one but I cant remember the Name of it nor the email I had it under. I have been searching all day and cant find a single email it belongs to. (I have a lot of emails as i tend to forget quite easily what the passswords are.) Like all I have to go by are the games I played using the account, my name being on it and the birthday either being 1991 or 1989 (cause at the time I made the account I was under 17 and didnt feel like explaining the entire sign up process to my mother.) The reason I lost the account was a horrid mistake as I had downloaded my uncharted 3 online pass to it when i first bought it but erased the account on err. The only real reason i want it back is to recover my Dark Souls character from the playstation plus online save data utility so I can play it again without having to grind all the way back to lvl 600+ (Estimate it was like 678 or somethin) Does anyone have any advice on how i could possibly recover my account information. I dont even think the email that i used for the account even exists at all and I have tried looking hard. Please Sony save me


EDIT* Actually, i just remembered the account name. Now I think I can get by with sony on the phone

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Re: Huge Dilemma- Lost an Old PSN account

Oct 25, 2012

Id Like to thank the playstation network customer service for jack **bleep**!, When i chatted as RavernBlackTalon they didnt help me with jack **bleep** said they couldnt tell me the email well guess what, the email had been deleted from long term disconnection meaning it no longer existed. Hey Stephanie T thanks for nothin, I had to litterally raise the email from the dead for the psn to send me a password validation link to it. Litterally thanks for absolutely nothin. Next time a person says they can verify who the hell they are pay them attention, both of my accounts have the same name sheesh. Rant over. Glad to have this old account back. 

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