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Feb 13 2013
By: Nico_Escochi First Son 1 posts

How to know if I have been hacked?

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Today I logged into my PSN account, and realized I had a new message. I checked it and the subject was "Happy Birthday PS3" or something like that, from a user I don't know. I opened it to search for more info, but there was no message, only the subject. I deleted it inmediatly, but later I realized that the net is working really slow, (for axample, it takes a lot of time to enter the playstation store) so now i'm a little paranoid!..hahah..does anyone knows if it is possible that someone hacked into my account only by me opening a message?? I'm relatively new to the PSN so I don't know if this is possible or not. Any help you can give me will be really appreciated!! Thanks!!

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Re: How to know if I have been hacked?

Feb 13, 2013

hit triangle on the message and you can report it. you were not hacked. just spam. change your password as a precaution



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