Feb 25 2013
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How to d. load my Purchased PSN Games to play on Friends Console, HELP!!

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Hi forum. I cannot find a complete answer to this anywhere, and I am hoping someone can help. I have purchased PSN game (NBA JAM On Fire Edition) I want to play at my friends house on his PS3. Now......


1. Do I need to create a sub account using my PSN network name, ID and Password on HIS PS3?


2. Once Im logged in on his PS3, I can go to my account, then downloads, and re-d.load the NBA On Fire Edition demo,.. 1st and then     d. load the "unlock code" I purchased from the PSN store, correct? (that is how I installed the full game on my PS3 when I bought the unlock online)


3. Once I leave my friends house and log off of my account on HIS PS3, my account and the d. loaded NBA JAM On Fire Edition is "locked" to him, correct?...


Thank you SO VERY MUCH for clearing this up. I know it is possible (I think 5 instances of the d.load are allowed) I am just not sure all that is invovlved...Thanks again...  ; )

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Re: How to d. load my Purchased PSN Games to play on Friends Console, HELP!!

Feb 25, 2013

You're talking about gamesharing. You're wrong about being allowed to do on five systems. It's 2 systems. I shouldn't be telling you because you'll be back later telling us about how your friend "Hacked" your account. You make a new user on their system. You sign in with your account. You download the game. Now this is important. You deactivate your account from their system and change your password. Your friend now has the game.

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Re: How to d. load my Purchased PSN Games to play on Friends Console, HELP!!

Feb 26, 2013

You are laboring under a common misconception. So common that Sony reduced the number of activated consoles allowed under each PSN account from five to two, back in 2011; precisely because so many people believed that the five console limit meant that you were free to share your Playstation Store games with your friends.  You are not, and you never were.  You were never allowed to download anything that you purchase in the Playstation Store to any console that isn't owned by you, or your minor children.  Not your friends, brothers, sisters, cousins, or anyone else's.  If you are married, then your spouse's consoles are considered to be yours also, because legally they usually are.


Sony has no way of knowing which consoles are yours, so you can download any and all of your Playstation Store content to any console that you activate under your PSN account.  But, you are completely wrong about how activation works. Consoles are activated, not games.  PSN doesn't even keep track of which games or DLC have been downloaded to each PS3.  You can have up to two consoles activated under your account at once, and you can download everything in your downloads list to either of those consoles.  You can't download anything in your downloads list to a console that is not activated under your account.  It's not two downloads for each game.  It's unlimited downloads to two consoles.


ne1atall made the process of game-sharing sound a little simpler than it is.  You need to have a user profile with your account on your friend's PS3 in order to activate it under your account, which you must do before you can download any of your content to it.  Once you activate it, it remains activated under your account (using one of your two activations), until you deactivate it. Your friend doesn't need your password.  Once the content is downloaded, it will install and run for as long as your user profile is still on the PS3, and the PS3 is still activated under your account.  There is no need for your friend to sign in to your account after the content is downloaded.  However, if you deactivate your account on your friend's PS3 when you go home, then nothing that you downloaded will work on his PS3 anymore.   Deactivating the account on the console deletes all of the license files for games, DLC, and videos.  The only way to deactivate your account on your friend's PS3, while still leaving the content that you downloaded playable, is to deactivate all of your consoles on the Sony Entertainment Network web site.  The catch there, is that you can only do that once every six months; precisely so that you can't use it to game-share more than a couple of times per year.  

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