Sep 29 2013
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How to connect to Internet via ICS through PC

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Well here is the situation.  I moved back to college and moved to a building where there is no ethernet but the wireless is plenty strong enough to support gaming.  Well it seems my ps3 doesn't like the wireless here everytime I try to connect either A it won't or B it will but will make the ps3 freeze or disconnect if I do anything like the store or gaming.  Now I know its not the PS3 because I took it home and it connected flawlessly with my Home Wireless with no problem.  So I am trying to get my PS3 to use the internet from my PC.  So my PC is wirelessly connected to the internet then I have a CAT 6 Crossover cable that connects from my PC to my PS3.  I have turned on internet sharing however it doesn't work.  The PS3 keeps saying no ethernet cable detected I know the cable works.  So my question is how do I make my PC let the PS3 access the internet through Internet Connection Sharing.  I really would love to have a really indepth step by step if possible.  I am using a Windows 7 home 64 bit Operating system and have an Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter and I have an open ethernet port on my PC.  Please help I have been trying to do this for the past month now.

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Re: How to connect to Internet via ICS through PC

Sep 30, 2013

You probably did not need the cross-over cable.  The PS3 can use any Ethernet cable, and will figure out what type of device is on the other end, and configure itself accordingly.  The laptop probably would also.  A standard cable probably would have worked. If the PS3 says that there is no Ethernet cable detected, then the Ethernet port on the laptop is not active, or it is in the incorrect mode.  That means that ICS is not configured properly.   ICS has to be configured to use the Ethernet port on the laptop, and the laptop's IP address on that port must be firewall, if any, must be configured appropriately on the laptop also.  The online help for Windows 7 already gives step-by-step directions for configuring ICS.  You should not need any more.

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