Oct 14 2012
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How can i create a trophy webID?

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im really not sure how to do this. could anyone help? id also like to use this trophy ID on other sites if thats possible.

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Re: How can i create a trophy webID?

Oct 16, 2012

|Welcome to the PS Community.


You can get a trophycard from any of these sites. Check them out and see which one you like most.



All you have to do is enter your PSN ID and wait for your trophy card to be generated. Then you will be directed to get or you will be shown the codes you will need to display your trophy card on community forums and/or webpages.


To use your new-found trophycard on this community: You need to copy the HTML code you were provided with. At the top right-hand corner of this page click on My Settings and paste the code into the box next to Signature. Now, at the bottom of the page, press Save. Hurray!


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Re: How can i create a trophy webID?

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Aug 28, 2015

Hi Xuchilbara,


But in the Playstation website ( ) says we can "create a special Trophy Web ID to share online". So why the entire website doesn't have it?


Thank you for your support

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