May 04 2014
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How can I BUY the VOLTRON GAME that came out in 2011?!!

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So as far as I can tell this game is no longer available to BUY / DOWNLOAD from ANYWHERE on the internet. What a load of B.S.! What happened to the days where you could just walk into a store or hop onto ebay and BUY the game you most wanted to play? Here's the issue... I literally JUST FOUND OUT about 2 hours ago that a VOLTRON game was made, and I was overjoyed to finally be able to play a REAL VOLTRON video game... The only problem is as I'm writing this it's now May 4th 2014 and this VOLTRON GAME came out in 2011... OK, so no big deal, right? BUT YOU CAN'T FIND THIS GAME ANYWHERE!!!!! Because it's a "download only" game there was NO DISC ever created, and thus NO VOLTRON GAME to find, ANYWHERE!! As far as I can tell VOLTRON along with other games have been pulled from both the PSN and XBOX 360... Something has to be done to rectify this wrong!! Once a game has been created and is made available to the public to buy, others should be able to buy it as well years later after they had JUST FOUND OUT ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: How can I BUY the VOLTRON GAME that came out in 2011?!!

May 4, 2014


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