Nov 11 2012
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How Much DLC Do You Own - Sorting DLC List

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We have over 1000 in our Download lists... its a pian to find one particular, especially now since I cant write down the number it is in the list.  Anyone else need this...?


Okay, so the new store looks great although for some reason its slow to react.  Otherwise, its a great imporvement and I can access addons and videos for a game from that games content screen... like that a lot!!!


However, like many of the LONG TIME PS3 users, my family and I have made MANY purchases on the PS Store.  I have members with over 1000 items; as Im sure MANY users do as well.  When I have to re-install just one item, this can be a LOOOOONG process, especially if its content no longer in the Store itself.


Can we get it passed along to add a soirt function to our PERSONAL downlaod list view.  They added it to everywhere else on the store but forgot to add it to the part its needed most on.


Thanks guys

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Re: How Much DLC Do You Own - Sorting DLC List

Jan 14, 2013

I agree. This is a very much needed feature, but I think it would help even more to couple the sort with a filter so you can narrow down the content. The filter would have a search field to type in keywords and a content type filter to select among demo, full game, add-on, etc. That will be especially helpful when you want to scroll through only the games you have purchased so you can quickly find the title you want. Or sometimes you don't even know what you want and just need to easily see a list of all of the full games you have purchased.

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