Jun 15 2014
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High Stakes: Poker Edition problem/ request for refund

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Hi on 14 May 2014 I purchased High Stakes: Poker Edition from PSN. This game was advertised as online poker game, but I was able to play online only for 2-3 weeks as it is not longer supported and server was shut down. I tried to play this game in offline mode, but it is very boring as I can not enjoy this game with my friends what was the reason why I purchased this title. So my question is, who should I contact to ask for refund as I am not happy with this purchase? I believe that PSN shouldn't sell products that become unsupported in such short time or at least inform their customers about any changes. It took me about 1 week until I discovered that this is not a temporary issue. I tried to contact helpline, but I was in long queue. Is there any email address where I can contact them?
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Re: High Stakes: Poker Edition problem/ request for refund

Jun 15, 2014

There is no e-mail for Support and you're unlikely to get a refund. You can use the link in my signature or the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of this page to contact Support.

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