Dec 19 2012
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I tried to login to my Playstation Network account, but when I tried to it said "cannot sign in with another users sign in ID (Email Address)" when I realized something wasn't right I went to Playstation Networks homepage and made a new account. When I tried to login with that one it gave me the same problem. I don't understand this.

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Dec 19, 2012

1 PSN ID per PS3 USER on a console.

PS3 user 1 = PSN ID 1

PS3 user 2 = PSN ID 2


PS3 user 3 = PSN ID 3

When you Sign in To PSN  on a PS3 USER that user Is perminantly linked To that PSN ID on the console.

To USE another PSN ID on the Console Requires You create a new PS3 user...


so for example


DADs PS3 user and PSN ID

MUMs PS3 user and PSN ID

Sisters PS3 user and PSN ID

Brothers PS3 User and PSN ID


They all are seperate PS3 USERSs  paired to the PSN ID on the consoles the only way to unlink them is to delete the PS3 user and all the content...



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From SIE blog firmware 4.50 post "There is no guarantee that all USB storage devices are compatible with your system." 

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Re: Help

Dec 19, 2012

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