Feb 02 2013
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Help with my PSN ID Dillema! Moving trophies to another account?

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So when I first bought my PS3, I made my first account, registered and all and I put United Kingdom for my country! Because I can't find my country in there(Philippines)! so I thought I would just put any well known country there and all.


Now my problem is that I cannot redeem my game codes because my PSN is registered with the wrong country and the games I bought here are all region 3 which requires countries inside Asia to redeem their codes. I didn't know at first that the country thing is important to redeem codes.


Now I searched for a way to change my country in PSN but it seems that there is no way.


So I created a new PSN ID! with the correct country in it!(Singapore) there I was able to redeem the codes and such. So I just started playing my new games there.


So I kinda feel bad leaving the old ID because all of my trophies are there! All of my scores in leaderboards and such.


So is there a way to keep/move all those trophies from my old account to my new one? or should I just leave it there and keep playing with my new account?

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Re: Help with my PSN ID Dillema! Moving trophies to another account?

Feb 2, 2013

sorry to inform you but theres no way you can transfer things from one account to the could try and call Sony support and plead your case and be nice as can be and they may help but don't expect it but it won't hurt to try..

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