Jul 25 2011
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Help with Borderlands DLC Bundle Placement?

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Hi. I bought Borderlands assuming it was the game+DLC, only to discover that the game+DLC is actually in the DLC section and not the game section (which is incredibly aggrivating). Would I be able to get my money back to get the bundle instead? I sort of feel like I was scammed out of my money due to this, because now I need to pay $20+ for the DLC, where I could've bought it all for $5 with the game, and it's incredibly frustrating and unintuitive to have game and DLC bundles not in the actual game section.

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Re: Help with Borderlands DLC Bundle Placement?

Jul 25, 2011

You risk nothing by calling SCEA customer service and asking for a credit, but in general SCEA isn't particularly sympathetic to people that don't read product descriptions before making Playstation Store purchases.  You may have assumed that the game + DLC bundle would be in the game section, but there was no precedent for that assumption.  Sony hasn't put them there in the past, and even if it did, the game would still be sold on its own in the same section. It was entirely your mistake, so I wouldn't hold out much hope; but give it a shot.  Be very polite, and approach the situation with the understanding that you are entitled to nothing in this case, and you are asking them to do you a favor.  That is your best bet.

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