Oct 07 2012
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Help online games not working properly on PS3 Slim

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Alright I posted a similar post like this on Gamefaqs but they havent helped me out that much. So here it is Copied from there.




Okay around 11:15am on Saturday October 6 I had went onto to PSN to play some games online. MVC1. When I did go into ranking mode I couldn't find anyone so I back out but when I did the syncing box for the game kept going on and wouldn't stop. I was able to use ranking boards normally but online fighting was acting weird. 

So I decide to go play Street fighter 3 online and same thing I couldn't find anyone online so I backed out and the Sync box with the circle inside it just kept going on and on spinning unless I pressed the O button. And when I tried to go back online it told me that "An error has occurred you be returned to main menu" 

So to make sure it wasn't just Capcom games I went to Bomberman Ultra to see if that was working okay. And well when I went onto to multiplayer mode and searched for matches it just kept saying searching for match and didn't stop so I went to the ranking board an that came up instantly. 

So I thought this might be a internet issue so I had power cycled my modem and router and waited for awhile before I went back onto PSN and when I did go back on same thing still happend. And also when I went back onto Bomberman Ultra and clicked on multiplayer it wouldn't take me there at all not even on ranking board either, I would hear the clicking noise that I had selected it though.

So now I was worried that it might be my hard drive so I went to Gamestop and explained my situation to my friend there and he told me its probably a PSN issue. I told I was able to sign in and stuff, be he still said that PSN was lagging out or something and not my hard drive since he said the ranking boards where still coming up. 

Could this be the whole 4.25 firmware problem I keep hearing on Sony Support forums?


Yeah this has been going on for me still today I did try Tekken 6 and Blazblue and they seem to be fin3 but for this to keep happening is starting to make me worry a lot. The fact this is happening is kinda riduculs to me since I had bought this system back in Sep 2011 to replace my old phat that was having Network problems, and for this to happen now is just not cool. MY friend at Gamestop told me that I should just wiat it out till Tuesday if the problem still exists and if it does then I should get a new PS3.


So any help or tips/advice would be appreciated. 

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Re: Help online games not working properly on PS3 Slim

Oct 7, 2012
I don't think it's a network problem. I think it's more likely those games have been abandoned. It's like trying to find a match on Pain: you might find a game if you wait a few hours, otherwise, nobody plays it anymore.
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Re: Help online games not working properly on PS3 Slim

Oct 8, 2012

No thats not it the games aren't abadoned they still have a great community its just that all of the sudden they don't wont to work with me anymore.


And believe me I have actually counted with a stopwatch how long it should take for me to search for stuff and now its being really slow. 



For example when I play Bomberman Ultra it would take my ps3 .40 secs to find rooms or if not it would say no rooms found. Now when I do match search it takes like 3-16 secs for me system to complete a search.


For strret fighter 3 online I'm able to get on rank mode and player mode but when I back out the syncing circle to thier servers which usually takes .50-sometimes 2 secs is now taking 3-sometimes 23 secs to sync up. 



And this keeps happening consistantly its not inconsistint.

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