Oct 20 2012
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Help! Plz gamers

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Today my ps3 starting acting up badly. I can log in wit no problem, but if i try to ply a game online, they tell me to log into psn. But im already logged in!?! If they're not tellin me to log in, it says "couldnt connect to host". And this is wit every game. Sony gave me free ps+ a month ago and i've been plying all the ps+ free games. But this only started happening wen i downloaded "Payday: The Heist". Now im havin problems with all my games. And when i try to turn my Ps3 off, it dont want to trun off. It'll go to the Xmb instead of turning off. And if im already at my Xmb and i try to turn my ps3 off, it'll just restart. Crazy story, huh people. Someone plz tell me whats the problem wit my ps3!. My ps3 cant break on me right now cuz Ac3,blk ops 2, and far cry 3 is sooo close. Not to mention the almighty "GTA V". Although its comin out next year..

Awaiting GTA V !!!
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