May 17 2013
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Help Please!

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ok so i recently purchased ALL, every single DLC for the game GoW Ascension game. After i purchased every DLC i noticed right away that it didnt download the files for the armors & Weapons i had just purchased. so the first thing i dois i go into my DOWNLOAD LIST  where usually everything is once you buy it & right away i noyiced that it wasnt int my DOWNLOAD LIST. so i call sony  right away cuz now i feel like i just spent $18 in the ps store and for whatever reason im not getting all the DLC i just bought. it should be in my DOWNLOAD list where everything else goes when i buy it. so i call sony to make this alil shorter they have me check my SERVICE LIST and everything i just bought for GoW Ascension is in the SERVICE LIST. ok so now sony tells me that they dont know how can i DL the DLC i just bought.  How can someone purchase something from the ps story and not be able to download it?? can someone please help me if im doing something wrong??? again i bought every DLC armor & blade for GoW Ascension. it didnt download though... i go to my DOWNLOAD LIST to re download it and its not there. its in my SERVICE LIST but not my DOWNLOAD LIST so how exactly do i download all my DLC that i just bought??? HELP PLEASE & THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!

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Re: Help Please!

May 17, 2013

The DLC in the "Service List" means you unlocked it.

By purchasing it, you shouldn't need to download anything. It will be unlocked when you load up Multiplayer.


This just means you can not share these items with another account. They are attached to your account alone.

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