Mar 16 2013
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Help!! Charged for games I didn't want!

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I tried to download The Ratchet & Clank Collection. I selected it & clicked on "download". It showed a different game, Sly Cooper", being downloaded, so I cancelled & tried again. Same thing happened. Now I'm being charged for several games, but I only wanted 1 game! The network won't let me into "manage my account". What can I do? How can I dispute the charges and downloads I didn't want? How can I get the download I wanted without paying for it again?

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Re: Help!! Charged for games I didn't want!

Mar 17, 2013

First check your transaction history in the PS3 Account Management app to find out what, if anything, you were actually charged for. If you can't get into the Manage Account page, then you don't know what you have been charged. Clicking a button labeled "Download" does exactly that.  It never results in any money being charged.  Only a buttoned labeled "Buy" or "Add to Cart" costs you money, and even then only after you go through the checkout process.  Your description doesn't make any sense, probably because you left out a bunch of things that you did.  It just isn't that easy to accidentally spend money in the Playstation Store.


The Playstation Store has a no-refund policy, but you might get a refund if there was an actual problem with the Store.  You will have to contact Playstation customer support on the phone (800-345-SONY) or via live chat to request a refund.  Customer support does not read the forums. Disputing the charges isn't done here.  If you purchased something at checkout, then you are obligated to pay for it; whether you intended to buy it or not.  I will caution you against disputing any charges with your bank or Paypal (if you used a credit card or Paypal to fund your wallet). If you do that, your PSN account will be locked, and you won't be able to sign-in to it at all after that.

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