Jul 04 2012
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Have any of you have the misery of asking for help from the Asia customer service?

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Yeah, I asked about Online Code expiring. Since it was an R3 game, the US Customer Support guys forwarded me to the Asia customer support. And here is the problem. They won't help me because I'm in the Philippines.


"Regarding your enquiry, the code you brought was for Philippines, the system can not check the data of Philippines. please be informed that we only have proper information to provide service to software or hardware licensed in Singapore/Hongkong/Malaysia/Taiwan only."


It was a Hong Kong code that was to be redeemed using a Hong Kong account. The game came with a bonus content voucher which I was able to redeem using my HK account. So if the bonus content was redeemed, that should mean that the online pass code that came with it should be compatible with the HK acccount thus be accessible to the Asia customer support. They just keep forwarding me to the **bleep** online user manual.



Is the asia customer support team retarded??

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