Oct 16 2012
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 I have been attacked on line by certain individuals !  I let it go normally ! they pin me in corners during game play on line !  They go as far as to attack me even when they are on my team ????????? You need to do away with clans and balance teams fairly ????????  Also I would like to thank you for the free service Playstation network provides us,,,, It is a privalge not a right to play on here , your company in Japan is based on honor , so every time someone abuses another player , Hacks and cheats they  , Disrespect Playstaion Corp.. Aka SONY inc .   I believe there must be meway of putting a stop to all the unfair gameplay on yours and our site! it is an oblagation to all who believe the words Truth respect  and Honor , which is the Japanese way ,, thank you

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Re: Harrasmnet

Oct 17, 2012

Welcome to the PlayStation Community.


If you wantt o report a certain PSN ID / Player you can do so using this link:


If someone is "abusing" you then please use the link provided, if someone is just "picking on you", being mean or just annoying that's no reason to report someone, just move on.


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