Aug 18 2012
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Harmony of Despair, Mic issue?

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I just recently bought HoD about 2 weeks ago. I've been having alot trouble trying to use my Mic in this game, it worked perfectly for 2 days till I downloaded some DLC levels & an extra character (lvls 8,9 & 10). 


Since I downloaded those levels my Mic just doesn't really work ingame anymore. It keeps constantly cutting me off mid sentence (it seems to work for 5 secs on & off randomly). I've tried quitting & restarting a few times, making new rooms, hosting & letting my friend host, I've even deleted the game twice & downloaded it again but the issue with the Mic is still there (my friend also has the same issue too).  


I've tried looking online & even on this forum for a possible fix or to see if its a common problem but can't find anything about this issue at all, hence why I thought I'd make a quick post about it. I really like the game & I'd appreciate any help or suggestions that anyone might have on the problem, thanks in advance.   


P.S.- I've noticed too there doesn't seem to be any patches for the game, I've never been prompted to download any, which I find odd considering most games out awhile usually force you to download one. 

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