May 31 2013
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Hacker harassment

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I was playing GTA 4 last night and had the worst experience.

There was this hacker by the name of **bleep** that was ruining my experience by hacking a white anniliator that would NOT die and he would follow me around and call me profanity such as "**bleep**". I have never met a player this rude and abusive (I think he was too young to play gta by his terrieble grammar). I even have proof of him confessing to hacking via psn messeging.


Can this little brat get banned please? I cant stand to have the knowledge that there are kids like this playing online bullying others with thier "hacks".


if I can't get help here please redirect me to somewhere I can get help.

Thank you


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Re: Hacker harassment

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May 31, 2013

First you need to remove the Id of tha alleged hacker. That's blacklisting and against forum rules.


Second you should use the in game report function if it has one.


Third if it doesn't have one you can report using this link.


Edit: please use the info shared above.  This thread will now be locked.

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