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HELP Password and birth date Forgot... :/

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Hello, i own 1 PS3 and i have 2 Account because i played Black ops online in my first account then i got hacked i could not play anymore so i created a new account and on it i played only black ops nothing else. My first Account LukX159 and my second account XxLukX159. Me and my brother we have alot of trophies there but then we bouth games like Assassin's creed 1 there we could not play in diffrent saved games so he made his Profile. Now there are 3 Profiles and 2 psn accounts. He wanted to use his profile all the time now so we tied to log the Account in on his profile but then we could not write in the right password couse we didint remember it we tired to change the password but there we needed to type in the birth date. When creating the first me and my family were together so it was strange we created 1 password and we didint write it down some where we forgot it  and we placed in someones Birth date and now we dont remember whos we try anyones we know. And now we want to Buy some game DLC's Share the trorphies, i want to change my Nickname. But everything requires to log in good that in my first profile it dosent log off . And now i want someone form the staff to help me change my password and the birth date or just thee birth date. I will give you any proff you need that both accounts are mine. Sorry for the bad english, and thank you for your time Robot Happy

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Re: HELP Password and birth date Forgot... :/

Jul 10, 2013

Welcome to the PlayStation Community.


Your PSN ID (nickname) cannot be changed, you can only create a new one.


Also no one here can assist you in this, you will have to contact Sony customer service regarding this issue, also because you 'lied' about the real DOB this may be an problem, however if you can prove to Sony that the account is yours then you should be able to sort this out.


Here's Sony's U.S. Customer Support number, alternatively of you would rather talk to someone live please click the 'LIVE CHAT' link in my signature.


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PHONE 800-345-SONY
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Customer Service Available Mon-Fri 8am - 8pm
General Enquires - 1-800-345-SONY (7669)
Account & Billing Support -1-877-971-SONY (7669)

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