Feb 01 2014
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GripShift, another game silently removed from Store?

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Hey guys!


Well, looks like i'm the only guy in the entire planet to have ever noticed this issue: the old PSN game, GripShift, has disappeared from Playstation Store. I've tried searching on both US and EU (the game was published by Sony, and only in these places) but nothing, it doesn't appear. Now, the developer didn't go bankrupt, and the game is still listed on their website, also their forum is still open. Also the game page at is still up, although other pages for officially delisted games were actually taken down. In other words, it silently disappeared without notice. Also, they're still selling games by the same developer. It wasn't even one of those licensing disasters like those Marvel games. It was one of the earliest PSN titles and other games from the same time are still being sold as of now. Please avoid replies like "Content is removed blahblahblah" because we don't even know if it's officially confirmed, thanks. And the game is still being sold on another platform, but please don't tell me we have nothing to do with them: i know it.

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Re: GripShift, another game silently removed from Store?

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Feb 4, 2014

Managed to talk with devs and Sony, looks like it was delisted for good, in the total indifference.

Oh well, okay, i'll stik with the PSP version, and pretend this one never existed.

DIGITAL IS THE FUTURE! YAY! Especially when you're not free to buy the games whenever you want.

Now please lock this thread, i don't give a **bleep** about it anymore.


Edit: thread locked per OP request

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