May 20 2011
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Good job Sony!

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     As you probably know, the Playstation Network has been up for nearly a week. The first day it came up, I was super excited, updating my PS3 and trying to sign in. After getting 6 error messages, restarting the PS3 to try and "fix" it, it goes through and says it's going to send an email. I was a little irked that the email didn't show up imediately, but whatever, the PSN is finally up! after a couple hours I go online and see that other people were having similiar issues, eventually getting their emails. I saw a disclaimer saying that recieving an email could take up to 24 hours due to the massive amount of emails. Days went by, while I was waiting for that password reset email, the patience I had the entire time it was down was wearing very thin. 3 days later, I finally got my email. I was ecstatic -- the wait was over! when I go to reset my password from the email I discover that the reset is down for maintenace. "users are still encouraged to reset their passwords through their PS3," was the blogs suggestion, which would be good if that was even possible for me. it's been almost a week now, and I am still unable to log in with no fix, or timeline for when I will be able to change my password.

     I wasn't mad or even upset for the original downtime, since it wasn't really Sony's fault. But this is different, 3 days to get an automated email, which was pointless in the end. With no alternatives other than wait to play something that's already up for most people, it's just plain bad service. The only option is for me to wait, which sucks. getting an xbox seems more and more tempting. not because the PSN was down, but because of the horrible customer service in the time it's been up. I probably won't switch, but it sucks that I'm even considering swapping consoles. I loved my PS3 and never had any regrets about buying the more expensive product before now. Even though most of my friends have xboxes.

All of that said, good job at getting the PSN up again! hopefully I will be able to play relatively soon.

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