Jul 30 2013
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God of War Ascension Multiplayer - Complete Game Freeze

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There has been three instances where the Fod of War Ascension multiplayer completely froze. I could see that the router was sending/receiving data, but the screen was locked. The controller buttons did nothing. In both instances I had to eject the game disc and shutdown the PS3 with the on-off button. Upon restarting, I got a message "System was improperly shutdown. The file system needs to be rebuilt".

How do I determine if this is an online gameplay bug, or a problem with my PS3 unit?


I also keep getting punted off online God Of War Ascension.

How do I determine if these errors are with the Playstion Network or my service provider (Verizon FIOS).?


Connection to host was lost



Error while searching for match



Error occured while staging match


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