Mar 14 2013
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Getting signed out

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I was wondering if anyone else is having issues staying connected to the psn the last few days?


Ever since Sunday, I've been getting signed out multiple times and it's extremely frustrating. I thought it might be my router, reset that, went back to my game and I was signed out again and again and again. I also thought it might just be Uncharted 3 (I've been getting the white plug in nearly every other match), but on Monday I was playing Borderlands while signed in, but not playing with anyone, and I was randomly signed out.


I've checked my status via the xmb and it is always between 95-100% connectivity. The internet tests are always successful too. I'm typically able to sign back in right away, sometimes I do have to restart the ps3. And it's just the ps3 that is having issues, my computer stays connected and no one else in my house has noticed any internet issues.


Here are the error codes that I've received (I didn't start paying attention to the code until Tuesday)...

Tuesday: 8002AD23

Wednesday: 8002AD36

The info I got from looking up those codes didn't really help me :/


The only things that have changed since right before this started happening were daylight savings and I bought the Sony wireless headset, but I'm pretty sure those aren't affecting anything. Also, I am wirelessly connected, please don't suggest to go wired, I know that would most likely help, but there is no way for me to get a wire from my router to my system.


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Re: Getting signed out

Mar 14, 2013


Are you using a wireless or wired connection? Have you tried both if you can? You can have a strong signal, but if you have multiple devices connected to your WiFi for an example some things can get disconnected off and on since everything is trying to use the signal at the same time.


Try taking your console over to a friends house or family members and see if you can connect there. You can rule out much more by doing those things.




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