Jul 26 2013
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Getting Data From The Playstation Network API

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The Setup:

To determine if the playstation network offers an API which can be either publically accessed asynchronously or via a restful request.


Why I am Asking:

I have read several of the threads on this forum, checked out several open source web projects, fished the project to the development community but haven't found an applicable response.  I wonder if anybody is either a familiar enough authority on the subject or can point me to some links containing some recent material?


What I Want:

I would like to either use an existing or develop a custom PHP API that based on a PSNid would pull full profile details plus the current online status, game being played and the login/logout time.  I would like to be able to poll that id and be able to programatically string together login/out times to create a log of hours the PSNid was either playing on the network or best case the particular game.


I have seen and a couple of others that are out there. Some do more than i need and most are not supported anymore because i assume this cannot be done or sony has restricted access or something.


Is there a resident expert on matters of API and application development  trolling these forums that can contribute? I would be most thankful for some input.



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Re: Getting Data From The Playstation Network API

Apr 9, 2015
I too want basic PSN info and log in access to my website. No info anywhere
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