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Dec 14 2012
By: WolfCapTa1N First Son 13 posts
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Games not found at playstation store?

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Why there are some games which are not available for purchase and download at playstation store?Such as listed below :


 Games : Skyrim,Fallout New Vegas / Fallout 3 and others...


I would like to know if they will be available one day in the store and why not/why they are not there yet?


I'll appreciate if someone could explain it clearly to me,thank you sincerely.


( I'm sorry about my terrible english,in case of misunderstandings)

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Re: Games not found at playstation store?

Dec 14, 2012

Sony has no power to require that any PS3, PSP, PS1, or PSP game be offered for sale in the Playstation Store.  It is completely up to the publisher of the game to decide whether or not to offer the game in the Playstation Store. Publishers have several potential reasons for not offering their games in the Playstation Store.  Some are worried about game piracy, which is harder to stop with online games.  There is an added cost to offering a game in the Playstation Store, including certification testing.  The cost varies per platform, and is highest for PS2 games.  The publisher may not think that the game will sell enough copies in the Playstation Store to make the extra cost profitable.  Some publishers don't offer games in the Playstation Store at launch because they believe that they will get better sales support from retailers like GameStop if they don't compete with them by selling the game in the Playstation Store (in addition to offering pre-order bonuses).  The vast majority of copies of AAA video games are still sold in retail stores, or physical copies from Amazon and other web stores. Some PS3 games are not in the Playstation Store because they are too big to reasonably download on the average user's home broadband service (e.g. Metal Gear Solid 4 at almost 50GB). 


The publishing license for the Playstation Vita requires that all games released for that console be made available in the Playstation Store for download, so you will find all PS Vita games in the Playstation Store. All Vita games are no larger than the capacity of the current Vita game cards, which is about 4GB; so download size isn't an issue.  The Vita is the most secure console Sony has ever released, and so far piracy has not been a problem.  The Vita doesn't have that much retail support for its games, but that may have less to do with online competition than with the relatively low sales of the Vita compared to every other console.  Sony has also had a lot of difficulty convincing third-party publishers to invest significant amounts of money in producing AAA games for the Vita; but again that may be due more to the console's slow sales, than with the requirement to offer all games in the Playstation Store.  There is a significant minority of gamers that prefer to buy games digitally, although the high cost and relatively limited capacity of Vita memory cards doesn't really encourage that.  It isn't clear yet if offering all games in the Playstation Store benefits a Playstation console or not, but it won't happen for consoles older than the Vita.  It will probably be the case for any future consoles that Sony offers.

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Re: Games not found at playstation store?

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Feb 6, 2013

  Hi gkpama00,thank you for  all the info,excuse me for answer you too late,can you just please explain why If I create an account on US or EU,I can dowload much more games and expansions and new stuff than on Brasil at PSN Store?Isn't that unfair?

  Is it ilegal to dowload games on an US or EU account?and can I play them(I never did that,but I am about to try)?I can't become an PSN Plus member,Always when I try on my original account(Brasil),It says what the service is unavailable,try later(I tryed a lot of times,really),I have to do It on AUS account?And If I do,my other main account be able to get It benefits?

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