Jan 28 2013
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Game updates won't download

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I've seen some posts around discussing slow speeds with PSN, however I am having no isseus with PSN at all save for one. I haven't been able to download the 1.04 patch for Fight Night Round 4 since I started trying on Friday. I've let the update sit for a  couple hours only to find download still @ 0% and the estimated remaining time to be 20,458 minutes (341 hours) for a 256mb file. I don't mind a slow file download but this isn't downloading anything at all after hours. 

No there's nothing wrong with my ISP, *EVERYTHING* else is fine, including other PSN downloads.  I've been able to grab other game updates at full speed w/o a problem. I know they had a maintenence this passed thursday, are there still issues or a place I can report this problem?

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Re: Game updates won't download

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Jan 28, 2013

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