Jun 09 2013
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Frustrated with PSN ID limiting..

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Ok. So. lets start off in December when I got my PS Vita. 


I originally had a PSN ID from my old place of residence, where my cousins had a PS3, and had forgotten the login info..  and didn't really need it. So i created my current ID, 



The night I created it was while tethered to my PC via my phone and providing a hotsopt from there to my brother's PS3; which has and is never online except for this purpose... Anyway. I got my account set up just fine and have used it since then on my Vita. 


BUT; I did not realise that creating an ID from one user irreversably ties it to that PSN ID. Forever. What I did, out of ignorance, was create my PSN from his user; which tied the knot, essentially.


So a while back when I was attempting to sync my trophies from MY user account, it told me the whole "Cannot user another ID" blah blah warning.. So i searched all over to find a way to disconnect my PSN from HIS PS3 user account, which is impossible unless I delete his user. This is the issue.


I know that you cannot transfer trophy data or saves to a new user on the system, nor can you transfer purchases to or delete a PSN ID.


This is the problem. I cannot delete his user profile, or 1. His dad will kill me. 2. My step-brother will extremely upset with me.


I have since tied yet another PSN from my own user account and plan on using it as a last resort because I would like my trophy/account information from both systems together.

And so we come to the next issue. I;ve bought Monster Hunter and DLC for LittleBigPlanet and Ecolibrium. 


If I reformat my vita, I'll lose all of my trophy data and be unable to play Monster Hunter.. 


Trophy data is the whole stem of this issue, because when I move out in the next few months I plan on saving money for a Playstation 4 if I like what I see after its release.







Is there ANY way to disconnect any PSN's from the PS3 account WITHOUT losing trophy and save data?

Will reformatting my Vita system still keep my trophy information on my memory card, and then be able to use it for my new PSN ID?

If I am able to link a new ID to my Vita, do I just lose $15 worth of DLC like that?





I'm becoming very aggravated over this whole issue. I think the strictness of Playstation with user and PSN accounts is too stiff. Customer support chat has been unhelpful twice, and I'm unable to really sit on the phone to correct it. (Only phone I own, cannot call while sharing data connection to other devices. They usually require you to have internet access while troubleshooting..)



If someone has a positive solution I would be extremely grateful. This issue is such a headache that I'm near the end of my wits.. 



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