Oct 17 2012
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From Dust download error

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I just bought From Dust for €14,99 and downloaded it. But it was only 6KB or something. Now I cant play the game!

People said that i sould download the demo first, because the 6KB thing was a key. But i can't download the demo!


I have downloaded the demo before, but deleted it. Does that have anything to do with my problemems?


I hope someone has the answer for me!

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Re: From Dust download error

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Oct 17, 2012

|Welcome to the PS Community.


Yeah, recent PSN game demos are in fact the full game. Depending on how you decide to buy a PSN game, what you end up getting is one or two files [One File if you buying from within the game's demo]


  1. GameNameHere Demo
  2. GameNameHere Full Game Unlock Key [this file name may be different but it always deals with "unlock key" and is small in size]


You downloaded the full game unlock key and deleted the demo. To get the demo again, for it is the game, go to:

Sign In/Account Management/Transaction Management/Download List and re-download/install the DUST Demo. Alternately, you can always search for the game on the PSN Store. [it should be marked as purchased/downloaded (red PSN logo)] and download from there.

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