Jan 02 2013
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Frequent 8002AD23 Error

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It seems like I can be connected to PSN from 2 to 15 minutes before this error occurs and signs me out with the error code 8002AD23.  This can occur whether or not a game or application is in use - it's given that error after being idle since it signed on.  The internet connection to the PS3 is still active and never falters; opening the internet browser is just fine.  I only noticed this happening a week or so ago, perhaps two weeks ago, so I can't pin it on a update for sure.

60gb BC Fat PS3  /  Firmware v4.31  /  Wired Connection  /  United States (Illinois)


Things I have tried that have not ended the issue:
-Restarting router/modem.

-Trying every viable setting in the network settings menus.

-Replacing ethernet cable.

-Disabled media servers.

-Removed symbols from profile message.

-Reinstalled 4.31 update.

-Restored File System.

-Rebuild Database.
-Connected to a different new access point.

-Created a brand new account on a different user and tried staying signed in.


Help or advice is appreciated.  More info can be provided if needed.


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Re: Frequent 8002AD23 Error

Jan 4, 2013

Still unable to remain signed in to Playstation network...  Same exact error each time (8002AD23).

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