Nov 06 2012
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Freeze going to store from Full Game Trial

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I don't know if there's a more appropriate place to be posting this, but:

So I had a game downloaded as a full game trial (namely, Catherine), used up the hour, etc., so that when I opened it I instead got the option to go to the store to purchase it, which I wanted to do (since it's on sale right now and all). So I clicked that, and lo, my PS3 froze on a black screen, and sat like that for at least ten minutes before I had to brute-force reset by unplugging, as it was completely unresponsive (save clicking the 'eject' button, which still got me some beeps). Decided to purchase it the usual way instead of trying that again, but as this is probably a less-common thing done with the store, this might not've been bug-checked as well, so I thought I'd pipe up and say "Hey! Check that!". So hey! Check that!

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