Nov 02 2013
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Follow Up Question

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Okay, so I recently posted a question about whether or not someone can access my account once I reset my password and email.  The answer was no.  But my other question is, what do you need in order to retrieve an account?


As long as I have the correct Date of Birth and corresponding Serial # to the Ps3 the account was created on, even if I lost my email or password (whether I forget or someone obtains them), can I still get the account back?


I'm asking this because my account was compromised (and not by my doing of me freely handing out the password).  I want to assure if someone was able to already crack my password, who is to say they won't somehow breach my email as well...?  If this was to be the case, the DOB and Serial # linked to the account can in fact be enough, right?  Or do you need more than that?

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Re: Follow Up Question

Nov 2, 2013

You could've posted your follow up in your original thread....


Customer Support can usually help you recover your account with the info you mentioned.


If you are unable to successfully set a new password using the methods provided, you will have to contact PlayStation support. Before doing so, please have your:

  • Online ID
  • Sign-in ID (email address)
  • Console serial number

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