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May 21 2013
By: dj9281 First Son 2 posts

Fast internet, until I plug it in PS3

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I have a wired ethernet line to my ps3. When I check the line on my laptop, I get 24 mb/s. When I test the same line on the ps3, I get 1.8 to 2 mb/s. Any ideas? Thanks

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Re: Fast internet, until I plug it in PS3

May 21, 2013

It is a common misconception that your Playstation Network download speed should be the same as your Internet connection speed.  That is exactly what it is.  A misconception.  Your Playstation Network download speed can't be more than your Internet connection speed, but it can, and often will be, less.  This is normal. The Playstation Network content is not stored in your ISPs data center, and that is the only place that your 24Mbps connection actually goes.  Your download performance to everywhere else on the Internet is limited by the slowest connection between you and the content.  Sony's ISP connection is not going to give you, or anyone else, 24Mbps of Sony's bandwidth.  As a result, you won't be able to download from PSN at much more than 12-16Mbps, and only if you are doing it during a period of low usage.  Sony's network is designed to share limited bandwidth fairly between PSN members.  Sony doesn't know, or care, how much bandwidth you purchased from your ISP.  It is irrelevant.  If you run a speed test from the PS3 web browser,  you should get performance times that are closer to the laptop, because that is a valid comparison.   

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