May 20 2013
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Fast Internet connection, slow online gaming

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I kinda posted this before, but I said I thought it was fixed, but its still a problem, guess I just got lucky one game. I have 30+ mbps download, 12-14 upload and A on ping test. but really laggy online gameplay.  I thought the problem was the new router/modem in 1 my cable company put it, because it was fine before then, but I had them put in a normal modem and got a router and it didnt get any better. It kinda starts out fine when I begin playing and gets worse and worse as the game goes on, really gets slower when more things start happening. In my other post the guy told me to forward my ports with these numbers here Im 98% sure I did that right, I enabled upnp and have my media server thing turned off. I think the port forwarding made it a little better, but just barely if it did.  I just dont know what wrong, its really frustrating to play with. Can I forward my ports in my modem too? I dont think you can, but just wanna make sure. Does anyone have any other suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks

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Re: Fast Internet connection, slow online gaming

May 21, 2013

You are confusing bandwidth with latency. Your download and upload speeds have nothing to do with your ping times.  A 1Mbps Internet connection can actually have better ping performance than a 30Mbps connection. They aren't really related.  PS3 game netcode actually sends very little data, so it doesn't need a lot of bandwidth.  What matters is the round-trip time to send a packet from the PS3 to the PSN server, and back.  That has more to do with the number of hops in the connection, the distance between your home and your ISP's data center, and other factors that have no effect on average streaming bandwidth, which is what you connection is rated for.  There is nothing that you can change on your router that can fix that, because the problem isn't in your router.  Port forwarding won't make a significant difference, and there is no reason why it would. Turning off media streaming won't make a significant difference, although not streaming media while you are playing will help. Network latency can vary for a number of reasons, most of which are outside of your control, or even your ISP's control.

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