Jan 02 2014
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Expired Promotion Credit

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This is more of a rant. I participated in the $10 for $50 promotion back in October 2013. I spent the required amount of money and I did get the credit in the form of a PSN/SEN code. I thought the credit would automaticlly be added to my account...this is not the case. I just logged into my account and saw a message to redeem my credit by Dec. 8th. Well I thought it was automatic; since that was the purpose of the promotion.


I called Playstation support up and they VERIFIED I DID NOT redeem the code, BUT they CANNOT re-issue another code because it has expired. Okay that seems reasonable; if you are Sony. If I met the terms of the promotion, than why not in good faith re-issue another code for good customer service. Yes, I agree I failed to redeem the code in time, but I was not aware that I would have to in a certsain time.


My point is, if you honestly want your customers to benefit from a promotion, why not automatically add the credit instead of REQUIRING your customer who has met the required promotional criteria to manually add the funds? The only reason for requiring a manual process is to gain the purchases from your custiomers, and also allow the posibility for the customer to NOT receive the promotion benfits. Basically you create a loophole where you (Sony) benefits from the promotion, and the customer does not.


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Re: Expired Promotion Credit

Jan 3, 2014

I also had similar problem but my messages with the credit were being sent to my ps3 account and not my ps4 so never knew I even had the credits until today which thecodes expired a month ago some **bleep**.

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Re: Expired Promotion Credit

Jan 3, 2014

Welcome to the PlayStation Community.


There's no 'loophole' at all, It clearly stated that the credit would be sent in the form of a PSN message, it also said when the codes would expire, unfortunately you missed or did not read these details & lost out on your $10.00, as annoying as that is you only have yourself to blame, & they were right to tell you that no replacement codes can be issued.




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