Apr 20 2013
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Error when downloading game on psn store

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I added $60 to my wallet on psn, and then tried to buy mlb 13 the show. As it was downloading I left, and when I came back an error had popped up on my screen that stopped the download. I can't remember exactly what it said but I'll tell you that I have a stable wired connection with no problems so I'm pretty sure it wasn't my internet. I tried going back to the store after a system reboot and after adding the already purchased item to my cart, another error popped up when i clicked on the  download button. Is there any way to get my $60 back? can sony fix my download so i can get the game? im aware that others are having similar problems so hopefully sony is aware. any information would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

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Re: Error when downloading game on psn store

Apr 20, 2013

Its your internet.

Your ISP may say download what ever you want but they don't actualy mean it...

Traffic shaping Data over Ports Is very common as is not being able to keep a connection for long time frames.

You won't get a refund from SCE because your connection is bad...

You can try but its normal for all transactions to be final....


Use the Six pack freind ship approach to download else were...



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