Jan 16 2013
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Error With Credit going onto my wallet

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i finally saved up enough to buy a psn 50 dollar and 20 dollar card.... i was so excited i rush to my ps3 went to psn store said i had to update to version 1.02 i think as soon as i did that i enter in the 20 dollar card then it said do you want to put 20 dollars onto your wallet i said yes... error occured i said ok maybe alot of people on psn so i waited a while and tried the 50 same error.... getting worried now i did a quick google check someone said tried the website so i did after asking if to put the 50 and 20 dollar on my account i get this message "The Prepaid Card code you entered is incorrect or is no longer valid" 


now i'm totally freaked out so what did i do? contact sony online support and the ask me to do everything i did on the ps3 then they ask me to do the same thing on the website and on my SECOND! try the 50 dollar went through and as soon as i confirm it the tech support telling me i got to go back to the retailer and have them activate my 20 card..... which is now closed for the night.. is it just me or doesn't this smell fishy to you?

both cards had the same errors both cards were acknowledging to be a 50 and 20 however the problem was getting onto my account the 50 manage to work if trying awhile but the 20 wont should sony send the 20 dollars to my account and scrap the card that isn't working.... please advice me as what to do....


a quick solution is preferable and con't it be that the update is causing this problem oh i'm angry i can't think straight!!!!!

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Re: Error With Credit going onto my wallet

Jan 16, 2013
i did hours of research and it seems this problem happen to people as well when there is an update but yet... i've found no solution oh man oh man! why was i curse with such rotten luck
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