Jul 24 2013
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Error Code 80710003

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Ok, so I've had my PS3 for nearly 4 years, and have never had a problem with it until now. Yesterday I installed a brand new hard drive in my PS3 (a 500 GB to be exact), because my original 120 GB hard drive just wasn't getting me very far with all the free Playstation + games and all the games I've bought on PSN.


After I installed the drive yesterday, I have repeatedly been receiving the error code 80710003. It will let me log online, shows my friends that are online, etc, but when I hover over my/friends PSN name, it only shows a dash ( - ) instead of the trophy level. Also, it won't let me access the PSN store.


I'm able to bypass this by restarting my PS3 every so often, and it will connect properly for a good 20 or so mins, but then it happens again. I will say, I'm downloading a bunch of games right now (A BUNCH), because I didn't have an external that I could back them up to from my old drive, so I'm just downloading them again. Could that be the reason I'm getting the code? Because I have a lot of games I'm downloading?


I'm really hoping this isn't something with my new drive. I've never had any problems with PSN up until now. I'm wired directly in with my ethernet cable to my router. 


If someone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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